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Incredibly engaging game changer video marketing

Incredibly engaging game changer video marketing

Most businesses look for long term audiences, and videos provide interactive elements that enable the marketers to build connections, get comments, and a direct response from the viewers.

More than half of the marketing professionals in the world admit that video helps in revenue growth by 49 percent faster as compared to non – video marketing, and social videos get 1200 percent more shares as compared to images and texts combined.

Branded social videos results in 64 percent of purchases as 157 percent of organic traffic can be driven through these on search engines.

Videos can be active or passive. Passive is non-interactive and does not generate interest of the viewer. Most viewers looking into passive videos do not feel obliged to reply or post a message or a comment.


The trend of using videos for advertising was started in the 1940s in the US – at the time when only 1 percent of the US homes had TV sets. As the number of viewers grew in subsequent years, the advertisers knew the message will reach more and more customers as the ads were incorporating stories – which are now famous as commercials.

The initial payment for the air charge given by the advertiser Bulova watch company was $4. Currently, the companies are charging more than $8000 for an ad for a few seconds.  

Videos for a conversation with the clients

The live streaming where authentic ways are used to show videos helps in improving direct relationship with the customers. Graphics and interactive content get the response in a way as if talking directly to someone and this helps to generate further interest.

Millennials watching online streaming more than TVs

Internet video posting was considered less reliable, in the early years. YouTube was launched in 2005 when the online video trends picked up fast, and it gave way to the use of online free channels to promote businesses.

YouTube watch time concept is now more popular than TV ads. Young buyers and teenagers are no more watching TVs as they did in the 1990s; instead, they are watching YouTube and online videos.

Direct conversation

The online platform is able to post concepts that are otherwise difficult to show on public platforms. These are liked, disliked, and shared and even ridiculed by the viewers, who can post negative or positive comments, and the marketers directly engage with the buyer.

Videos offer personalized concepts where designs, graphics, and stories targeting a specific group of buyers can be posted. For example - Cadbury posted features where the age, geographical location, and interest or hobbies –were able to generate instant ad videos.

Techniques to boost ROI

Mobile-friendly design - It is necessary to have mobile-friendly advertisements as clients are buying online and seek real-time experience, and innovative ideas are being used by the promoters to make the communication look alive or real.

Tell a story - The captivating videos are the ones that have stimulating footages or a story – that clearly gives message.

The first three seconds are significant  - Stats on Facebook find 50 percent of the ad value comes from the first three-second of the video, as only 46 percent of the viewers watch the whole video( as per the study compiled by Vidyard).

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