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How To Plan Digital Marketing Campaign?


Marketing plans help to outline the business targets and craft a message which can be conveyed to the buyers. The plan provides a system to capture leads and get conversions where one can have customer retention strategies like delivering customer service and getting referrals. The Internet provides an option to use low-cost marketing campaigns that have many advantages like it lowers the total cost of marketing and the firms can offer personalized campaigns to individual buyers based on demographics.

The number of mobile buyers continues to increase and it provides an opportunity for the companies to ensure the buyers digitally engage with the brand on at least one platform before making a purchasing decision. 

A digital marketing strategy can help to keep the story real and authentic, and the use of blogs and videos can get instant recognition. Great CMOs and marketing strategies can set a standard that helps the brand to be recognized against the competitors. The ability to develop and articulate marketing strategies and its relationship with technology helps in designing great CMOs which are different from competitors. The analysts should have a very clear sense of what they expect from the campaign and what are their long term goals. 

digital marketing plans

Some of the issues faced by digital marketing plans are : 

  • The plans find no clear success factor. The setup and implementation of the campaign should is generic in most conditions, which can lead to poor data integrating, and this can impact the individuality of the brand.

  • The team is untrained in the way it is not able to use the latest features offered by technology. The companies fail to implement the latest methods and spend more on reintegrating the campaign with the latest technologies.

  • To plan a strategy first the digital marketing agency needs to identify the scope of such campaigns. Awareness about the scope of technology and the best ways to implement strategies can help to visualize customer journeys from the brand awareness stage to point of purchase and this can help to improve customer engagement.

  • Research on target buyers can help to find the key areas where the company can work more instead of using generalized marketing plans for all types of audiences. The company can research to find who the buyers are, by conducting surveys or offering personal template, where they can gather information like age, job, geographical location, background, hobbies, values, etc.

  • Content is the key or digital marketing and the campaign can use several plans based on SEO, PPC, social media, online screening and other, with content. It can be posted in the form of images, videos or blog posts and in multiple formats like webinars, gated content, long forms, etc.

  • SEO and digital marketing professionals require content for posting it on various places and such content can include several different types of formats and topics.

  • Some basic reviews and documentation of the format and topics that are required in the content can help to keep a track of the directions where the efforts are made.

  • The plan should be reviewed after launching and the marketing team should try to identify the pain points to rework and improve.

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