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Effective Social Media Marketing Tools For Real Estate Agents


Social media has transformed the world of communication and technology. Social media has come in like a storm and changed the face of the marketing and advertising landscape, taking it to the whole next level. Every few months, social media seems to have undergone a changeover. Outstretching across the world and gaining newer potential.

There was never a better time for any business or brand to count on and capitalize on social media, whether big or small. However, a distinguished social media reality cannot be transpired in a day. One needs a social media marketing strategy and an array of powerful tools that help enforce the strategy. 

Like other sectors, the pandemic situation negatively impacted the real estate business. However, it did change the way real estate agents saw social media. Its huge global traction compelled them to see social media marketing as a potential guide that opens doors to new markets and buyers.

According to the National Association Of Realtors (NAR) reports, 77% of realtors use real estate social media marketing for new clients and listings.

Interestingly, in 2021, it was found during a survey that 82% of real estate agents choose to build their real estate social media marketing more than any other way of marketing strategies.

A marketing strategy might help survive on social media. Still, to scale it, one needs specific social media marketing tools that help meet objectives, build required content, and gather a more sweeping audience who embraces the brand. The need is to shift the focus on social media and realize that you are sitting on a gold mine.

Through this article, we will throw light on some of the most useful real estate social media marketing tools that can benefit real estate agents. 

Must Social Media Marketing 8 Tools For Real Estate Agents 

People today begin their journey in search of houses online. Therefore, real estate agents need to embrace buyers in different journey aspects. The task is indeed challenging. However, using the ten social media marketing tools cited hereafter, real estate agents can make their business scale online and attract reliable buyers.



Artur'In will act as a dependable manager for the social media market of your real estate industry. It has many social media services to present, for instance, automated Facebook ads, Facebook page governance, etc.

However, it is mainly a tool to assist real estate agents in building their social media marketing strategy. It has various unique features like a creative design studio and analytics dashboard that checks and implements the important points from the social media marketing strategies.



Zoom can help organize meetings through video conferencing with customers and add up to 1000 members. It provides perfect HD quality video and audio during meetings. During meetings, one can share documents and add reactions or polls. It is also useful for making calls, chats, and conducting webinars. 

With features like 'Immerse view,' one can create one's desired background during conferences. The tool's free version allows only 100 members and 40 mins of a meeting. However, by availing Pro or Business plans, one can increase the number of attendees and get advanced features.



It is frustrating to align all real estate projects and maintain productivity. One needs a project management tool like Trello that enables one to manage all the real estate projects in one place and build a team to help.

With features like color-coded labels, blocks, and lists, one can easily organize and assign tasks. It also provides options to create and share checklists and checkboxes. It is a free-to-use tool with ten boards. After that, one can avail of the business plan for extra features.



Buffer is the most recommended tool for real estate agents as it can single-handedly manage real estate social media marketing. From publishing to checking the performance analytics for a social media post, Buffer does it all. It enables agents to create posts worthy enough for publishing on social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. 

The tool's best feature is that it enables real estate agents to connect with viewers through comments. The tool's free version allows you to add three social media platforms and make ten posts per platform. However, with the advanced plan, one can add unlimited platforms and publish unlimited posts. 



Written content is a fundamental requirement of any social media marketing. However, its potential is undermined, making the marketing strategy less effective. This is when Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis, comes in handy. It is a great tool for those who struggle specifically with writing. 

An artificial intelligence (AI) tool helps prepare instant content and social media captions for real estate agents. All one has to do is pick the type of copy expected, put keywords or descriptions, and prepare the required copy.



With this tool, an agent can stop fretting about taking follow-ups from clients as this tool is an AI tool that enables users to find leads through automated talks with buyers. It offers powerful analytic tools to track the leads and an AI email assistant tool to send emails to the customers from your domains.



Contactually is an effective customer relationship management tool created especially for real estate agents, starting with social media marketing. This tool prioritizes the leads and communicates with the clients or customers. 

This tool single-handedly generates and schedules emails. It keeps track of all the conversations and creates automated personal texts.



This is a one-stop-shop tool that helps real estate agents generate quality leads. It helps agents create websites, portfolios, and business pages for efficient lead generation. 

One can create engaging promotional and transactional emails for customers with its email marketing feature. It has various ready-to-use features like Live Chat and Signup forms to turn visitors into subscribers and buyers. 


Expanding real estate on social media is a tough row to hoe. However, with countless people frolicking on the internet searching for a home, the real estate business can grow leaps and bounds with adequate strategy and the eight tools mentioned above.

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