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Maintaining online privacy can be challenging. Any activity on the Internet leaves digital traces. However, in some cases, confidential online presence is critically important, for instance, when you're involved in traffic arbitrage, use multiple accounts, deal with cryptocurrencies, or engage in digital marketing.

Fortunately, the Dolphin Anty browser opens secure pathways for surfing the internet. A user does not need specific technical knowledge to set everything up and start working.

What Is an Antidetect Browser and How Does It Work?

Antidetect technology allows users to hide their digital traces, IP address, and browsing history, everything a website tries to learn about its visitors. The Dolphin antidetect browser masks the user's true identity and address by altering the digital attributes of online activity, making each session unique and untraceable. It looks like the user is visiting from a new location, using a different device and a new browser each time.

Furthermore, this technology masks the user's real location, making it possible to access region-restricted websites. In essence, an antidetect browser combines the advantages of remote servers, VPNs, and other tools for maintaining anonymity and confidentiality.

Why Do You Need an Antidetect Browser?

The Dolphin antidetect browser was initially created for those working with cryptocurrencies and traffic arbitrage. However, it has more applications and is useful for marketers, freelancers, content creators, analysts, and anyone concerned with the protection of their online data.

The Advantages of Using Dolphin Antidetect Browser

You can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Easily manage multiple accounts and switch between them without the risk of being blocked or revealing the device's real IP address or the user's identity;

  • Perform numerous cryptocurrency operations securely and reliably;

  • Switch between desktop and mobile IP addresses easily. Manage multiple proxy servers simultaneously;

  • Set preferences to reject data collection on all visited sites. By default, all sites try to collect cookie files but must allow users to refuse this data collection;

  • Prevent accidental real IP address exposure during real-time activities with an integrated WebRTC leak protection tool;

  • Mask the user's online behavior via a user-agent manager.

Given these features, this tool is indispensable for everyone, as anything you share on the Internet stays there forever. Sometimes, digital traces are difficult and time-consuming to erase. However, with Dolphin Anty, protecting your privacy is simpler than ever.

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