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Advantages and risks of migrating to the cloud


Smart modern cities built on cloud infused with AI platforms and applications offer services to provide more to benefit through competitive gains. Some recent reports find Huawei Cloud initiating over 200 projects in the field to promote the concepts of smart cities, urban parking, transportation, and others.

Data provides business insight to work towards modernisation and can help firms generate new areas of the revenue stream. However, enterprises need to keep solid management for continuous action and reviews of the strategies. 


Migrating can be expensive, but many private and government institutions spend millions on it. For example, the UK government spent over £1 billion in a year for the transition.

As per the industry experts, in 2017-2018, £1.1 billion was spent on such services, including the software, hosting and support, and in 2014-2015, the amount was £421million. 

Even firms like Amazon, Google and Microsoft are spending heavily on improving their services. 

Risks Involved In Such ChangesRisks involved in such changes

The growing market competition has forced many companies to handle the inefficiencies through the cloud, and many businesses are shifting to such servers as it improves their competence and productivity. 

Still, there are many risks of mistakes and security issues, which should be handled carefully to restrict hackers. 

Technology offers several useful features, but many IT professionals are unaware of the risks in such container services where less than 50 per cent of the professionals were able to identify the risks of misconfiguration on the public cloud accurately, as per the recent DivvyCloud 2019 State of Enterprise Cloud and Container Adoption and Security report.

In 2000, IT professionals conducted a survey, where 40 per cent were running workloads on such servers, and 89 per cent were in different stages of implementation. So, although there are many areas where it is growing, there are still many risks posed by such systems that need to be addressed. 

Data PrivacyData Privacy

Privacy is the key concern where the enterprises that migrate sensitive information can lose essential privacy controls. It is easy to maintain the store on-site, but the cloud may not know where the data is stored and what security measures are adopted by the provider to prevent loss. 

Risks increase in the case the information of the company is held on shared servers where the user has no physical access, and the provider may not provide independent servers for each user. In such a case, the companies using the same servers can upload potentially hazardous files or information to hack other data. 

The providers mostly fail to give a backup, and the users may not be provided with a safety net or other measures, mostly if data loss happens. Using API or gateways for migration can create a loss, where one should ensure to gain service from companies offering reputable security features only. 

Data leakage can cause problems, exposing the businesses' critical data to external sources.

The providers and the companies accessing the servers allow worker-owned devices access to the stores, which can increase risks.

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