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9 Ways to Ensure Your Website is Making a Good First Impression


The importance of striking the right first impression for any business website owner cannot be overlooked. Since first impressions don’t have an opening and closing gate, people can’t judge where they come from and when they leave. Hence, they don’t value or give proper weightage to them. 

The same stands true in all walks of life, like giving an interview, handling a meeting, closing a sale, or creating a website.  The key to displaying a good and strong impression is to present yourself suitably and amicably.

In this article, we will discuss why your website's first impression matters and how to ensure the best first impression. 


First Impression of Website Matters:

Kinesis Research indicates that 94% of the first impressions are related to web designs.

This is enough to acknowledge that the website's first impression is pivotal, and users judge the website with attractive visuals and instant access. They instantly abandon the website if they get a poor impression (dull colours, loaded design, high page load, dull navigation, etc.) or can’t find their desired information quickly.

Let’s discuss some ways which can instantly click your audience the moment they land on your website.


Tips to Ensure a Great Impression of your Website:


1. Website Speed:

A fast website is a foremost factor that creates a good impression amongst the users. When websites are loaded with images and graphics, they tend to slow down without the knowledge of the web developers. 
Digital customers are impatient, and if you lose focus on your website speed, you may end up losing a chunk of your target audience.

Even Google considers website speed as a ranking signal in SEO. Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool can help you in checking your website speed and improving it.


2. Focus on Scroll:

Gone are the times when above the fold worked and scrolling or clicking was unnecessary. But now, users scroll for information on web pages, and it's essential to expand their visit to web pages by permitting them to scroll.

Focus on Scroll


Example: Quip website was redesigned and given a lean look, allowing users to scroll multiple pages. 

Long scrolls on the website with attractive content and images below the fold will keep visitors engaged and enticed for longer durations, thus increasing chances of conversions too.


3. Incorporate Introductory Videos to Gain Attention:

When each second matters in creating a long-lasting impression, visuals are the best option. Introductory videos are the quickest ways to imbibe your site impression in the minds of the audience.

Example: An eye-catching and quality intro video about your company’s goals and plans instilled on the home page may instantly engage visitors, thus making them stay longer on your website.

You can also highlight your product features and benefits on this homepage video for advertising your brand for better publicity.


4. Use the White Space:

Stop!! Don’t load your website with abundant visual graphics and images. This can create a negative impression of your website. The use of blank, white space makes your website look more elegant and classier.

Use the White Space
The white space of a website makes the layout clearer, content readable, and accessible, thus increasing user focus.



  • Removes distractions

  • Engages user

  • Gives a professional look

  • Highlights CTAs

  • Increases Conversions


5. Use Website Heatmap Tools:

Want to know how visitors use your website?

Website heatmap tools like Hotjar and Crazy Egg study the user behaviour on your website and helps you in knowing the type of visitor interaction (how users use) on your webpage.

In short, it points out the hot (high user preference) content and the cold content (low user preference) of your website.

Heatmap tools ensure users a user-friendly and memorable website experience since you can omit unwanted content and highlight the desired one to catch your visitor’s eyes. 


6. Highlight Engaging Content:

Your content should be engaging enough to hook your audience and entice them to explore your website.

Many web owners are confused about what content to portray to create a memorable user impression within a few seconds.



  • Clear & Concise Content

  • Use of Simple Words

  • Content in an Authoritative Language 

  • Use of Active Voice

  • Avoid Exaggerations and False Claims in Content

  • Appealing Content


7. Security of the Website:

In this digital era, where cyber-crimes and hackers are on the move, the most crucial factor to consider is the website's security.

Users instantly abandon unsecured and shady websites, i.e., sites starting with HTTP. Even browsers display an alert message stating “Not Secure” to users. 

Go for HTTPS (hyper-text transfer protocol secure) and padlock by installing an SSL certificate encryption security.

Let the trust icons tell the users that they are transacting over a genuine and secured connection. Assure your users by providing encryption security to their sensitive data.  


8. Responsive Website:

Never forget the mobile audience, since all users may not visualize your website from their desktops only. 

If your website is not responsive to smaller screens and highlights an error while viewing on small screens, it may create a bad impression and may cause disinterest to the user. 

Make your website responsive so that it can reach a larger audience and create a great impression. Google too favours mobile-optimized websites and hence introduced Mobilegeddon, meant to penalize non-responsive websites. 


9. Prompt Potential Customers to take Action:

Use your website to engage your target audience and later prompt them to take the desired action by placing the CTA (call-to-action) buttons in the proper places. 

Focus on customers rather than sales, so prompt your users with proper CTA buttons for providing information about your company, brand products, their features, etc.

CTA buttons like Download our Product Ebook, Happy to Help, Book Today, etc., work wonders for the website.

Remember: Use contrast colours for CTA buttons for visibility and customer guidance and ensure proper placement to gain the best website impression.


Wrapping Up:

Users want their desired information quickly and easily. That’s all. Simple navigation, appealing design, fonts and colours, easy-to-read content, relatable language, and SSL security all add up in creating the best impression of your website. 

When user expectations are fulfilled, they tend to return to your website frequently, thus becoming your loyal customers. 

Keep on creating a substantial, loyal base by portraying the best impression of your website with the tips mentioned above. Best Wishes!!

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