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GDPR Impact of Cloud Services

The concept of multi- level hybrid cloud will be common by 2020 when the customers will be benefited from private and public cloud services.

SEO and Content - Multi-Device Mobile First Index

SEO and content are interrelated. Google has been asking marketers’ to post quality content to improve the interaction of the site and subsequently,

Building Trust and Communicating Resourcefully Through Digital Copywriting

Digital copywriting, basically, is the area where writing for social media or websites is required in a manner to get the unswerving interest of the target buyer.

Social Media Market and Strategizing Overloads

The social media business is growingly becoming the most well-liked and most influencing marketing tool, where celebrity brand endorsers get from $10,000 to $100, 000.

IT Infrastructure

The proper knowledge of IT infrastructure can help in getting support from various departments – Finance, HR, and other business areas.

Latest Technological Developments in Firewall

Firewall security controls are based on a set of rules which can prevent the entry of a network data packet into the program but most organizations fail.

Incredibly engaging game changer video marketing

The trend of using videos for advertising was started in the 1940s in the US – at the time when only 1 percent of the US homes had TV sets.

IT Networks

IT networks allow machines (e.g. computers, mobiles, fax machines, servers, laptops, etc.) to communicate, transfers files share resources, and information.

New developments in Email Marketing

Email marketing has been used as the key method for promoting products to new consumers at a low cost and it offers the method to directly send messages.

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