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Technology Trends and Mobile Apps Strategies in 2019

One of the biggest problems of 2019 is overcrowding of app stores were the competition is getting tougher each year.

E-Commerce 2019 Trends

The retail market was highly disrupted by changing global trade features, while, the rise of Artificial intelligence and e-commerce, have changed the goals.

Web Development

These days web designing and development refers to cross-browser compatibilities, web engines, interfaces and screen-sizes to suit an assortment of devices.


The amount spent on advertising reached £20 Billion in the UK, for the first time in the year, where more than 60 percent of the investment was made into digital.


Branding involves Omni-channel strategies to help a company stay ahead of its competitors. Brand extensions help to launch a new product.

Importance of visual branding

Visual Branding involves video illustration, vector, music, and other tools, which are integrated into the total brand story.

User Experience

User experience has a huge impact on the way the products are viewed by the customers and their overall experience during a product sale. 

Integration of Technologically Advanced Features for Better User Experience

Some companies try to identify the viewer's experience by walking in their shoes, testing with multiple permutations and combinations, and integration technology.

Interactive Web Design

These days more companies are offering responsive designs, reaching directly to the customer through mobiles as the number of mobile users increased significantly and Interactive Web Design.

Online Digital Marketing and Brand Safety

Brand safety is the new challenge in digital marketing where brand value is vulnerable to the placement of ads next to inappropriate content.

What Is Lead Generation?

In lead generation, it is significant to understand the context which helps in picking up the accurate behavior signals and separating the warm leads.

Strategies and Plans for a Business Start-up

The business start-up is exciting but it can take a long stressful phase and tight budgets to make it run smoothly.

I.T Network & Infrastructure: 5G

Recently, four cities in the US got 5G networks launched by an open 5G TF network built on Verizon Home. It is the next generation Verizon 5G Home, empowered with super fast wi fi.

Why a Responsive Website Design is Indispensable?

A responsive website is the one that is touch-friendly. Page navigation and loading should be fast. Navigating provides a complete sketch or map of the website.

Brand Management & Development

Companies need to include a detailed analysis of their brand strategies for brand management and development. Strategies appropriate for the business help to succeed at a low cost.

Content Management System CMS

There are many open source content management system e.g. WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal offering ease of use, customized provisions based on requirements.

Web Applications: Technological Developments

Web applications eased the client server-based transfer of messages and data. It provided services to users to access applications through different platforms.

Advantages and Risks of Data Migration

Data migration helps to improve the performance and competitiveness of an organization. It involves a consolidation of data where the legacy systems are deployed.

Hosting Management

Hosting management involves delivering fundamental provisions and professional features to be able to host a website without restrictions

Media Buying, Selling & Planning

Media strategists carry out media buying and planning, which involves marketing using advertisement apps and services to scale opportunities.

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