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AI-Based Web Applications and the Security Risks

Businesses are spending on establishing and enhancing their presence through AI which can be used to provide analysis, data reports and manage user reviews to defeat rivals.

Why is it important to create intelligent UI / UX?

The reports from e-commerce applications claim users are abandoning shopping carts (according to Baymard Institute’s research) and the key reason for users leaving online stores is not the products, but poor user interface.

Cyber Security and Steps to Protect Consumer Data

Last year 50 million user accounts of Facebook were hacked where hackers were using Google translate feature to steal data.

One-To-One Marketing on Social Sites

Social media marketing has been overloaded with content where it is difficult to create a difference.Facebook or Twitter can be used to explain the culture of the company.

AI-Powered Copy-writing Tools for Online Marketing

A recent report by Phrasee states an AI-generated marketing tool helped in improving customer engagement.

How To Improve Conversions Using Video Marketing Strategies?

For faster conversions, marketers are using a number of strategies including promotional videos where call-to-action (or CTA) is added to the Video Marketing Strategy.

Data Migration and Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Data management infrastructures are increasingly adopting methods to integrate cloud, and some of the largest companies Microsoft

Innovative Strategies in E-commerce in 2019

Many companies are collecting data and conducting surveys to identify the successful and non-successful strategies in e-commerce

How to Design Digital Strategies?

The digital strategy of most companies does not reflect their changing fundamentals, industry dynamics and the ways to compete.

Interactive Website Designs Supported by Self Service Features 

Many new websites are offering interactive designs where the APIs can be used for game development or for creating interactive animations or test codes etc

Responsive Web Designs Improve Conversions

Responsible web design is based on grids (not on pixels) and the pages can be customized to fix the ratios of pixels.

Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies 

The key issues in digital marketing are security, quality and difficulties related to fraudulent patterns and latest technologies used in digital marketing.

Brand and Content Management System

The brand is a unique identity that allows it to differentiate from competitors. It can be a personality, voice, or content management, which resonates.

Changing SEO Factors for 2019

SEO performance of a website with exceptional content soars in ranking throughout the year. In 2018, Google made modifications in its algorithm and now.

IT Network, Identity Theft and Cyber Security

Internet based security issues continue to expand where complicatedness related to how to track the machines hacking the information.

Companies Seeking Multi-Cloud Diversification

A number of Fortune 500 companies are using public cloud systems where many of their applications continue to expand but such firms are unable to predict.

I.T Networks and Security Concerns  

IT network hacking problem is growing where the increase in electricity bills and slower computer processing indicates a cyber attack.

Web Services & Integration: Revolutionary Technological Advancements

Adaptability to innovative technological changes is the key to handle competition in web services.

Media Buying, Selling & Planning Strategies for 2019

In 2019, social media integration may provide features to allow customers to register online to access their website and sign up emails using their social media accounts to get videos and other marketing products that will allow businesses to connect to t

2019 Web Development Security and Other Issues

The current generation web developers are expected to be proficient in latest technological professional environment.

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