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Eliminating the mistakes to increase website ROI

With the growth in e-commerce websites each year, the sales are not picking up for a number of businesses who intend to grow fast online.

How to create a small businesses site?

Small business websites allow the users to get control over the business but these days many such sites are running on obsolete technologies.

SEO - Mobile-friendly screens and tips to use pop-ups 

All new websites will be crawled by Google bots for mobile-friendly content to see if it contains structured data or not.

Multiple strategy approach for SEO and SEM 

Online marketing strategies include SEO and SEM which helps search engines like Google to identify the pages of the website.

Comparing SEO, SEM and PPC

A combination of SEO, SEM, and PPC can be used to get higher results. SEM is based on user behavior and can be used to optimize the pages where if the pages.

Online payment and growing security concerns

Payment Service Directive issued rules to change the way the buyers were shopping online where the new rules improve the security of the customers.

Why migrating to cloud computing so essential?

Cloud is about shifting data to flat topology where the components can be transferred easily, quickly and free of latency.

Integrating updated SEO practices in the pages

Google holds over 130 trillion pages and the number of page count continues to increase each day. Its strategies are based on page load time where its algorithm.

Retail chat bots interactions can exceed 22 billion by 2023(Juniper Research)

Retail chat bots to handle customer queries 

SEO for industrial and manufacturing units  

SEO is not just for certain IT firms, it is even important for the manufacturing and industrial units.

Digital marketing: Paying for customer acquisition

Pay per click or Google Adwords can help a firm to get new customers.

The changing role of Digital and Social Media

   The upcoming retailing companies design marketing plans based on the set of useful data collected from the devices or gazettes.

Internet-of-Things monitoring device risks 

The threat of malware on IoTs has doubled in 2018. The devices with smart IP cameras used for providing security to homes have a growing market.

Mobile Marketing Strategies and Geo-Fencing 

Mobile Marketing, Modern online marketing campaigns are based on a number of strategies, which include, social media, web and mobile-based technologies.

Digital accessibility and improving user experience

In the hospitality sector, accessibility to authentic on-time information and positive user experience plays a very crucial role.

Traditional Data Centres may become outdated by 2025

The report by Analytics Week published in the last year found by 2020, every person in the world will create 1.7 megabytes of new data each second.

The growing role of mobiles on E-commerce sites

The businesses need to modify their e-commerce concepts if the native solutions are no more able to deliver as per the changing demands.

Voice search is one of the key SEO 2019 trends 

There are many benefits of using such searches where the assistant can provides an answer just like a customer care executive, and voice search can direct the customers

States impose restrictions on Web-Based Content 

Web access is growing, creating an insecure information exchange where the strategies of centralised data and restricted networks create tensions.

Using the right set of online marketing strategies for gaining new customers 

Today even small companies can use the online strategies optimally to enhance market presence proficiently and create a bigger impact on the target buyers.

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