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The role of web hosting service and management 

Most bulk sites with relatively poor hosting services face SEO issues. Security of hosting providers should be ensured because many websites are facing security issues.

The growing impact of digital marketing strategies 

The young buyers are spending not more than 8 seconds on viewing websites which creates a need for designing compelling strategies that can solve the user’s problem or provide a clear short-cut and easy to understand the message in a compelling language, which keeps the buyer attracted to the site.

Using AMP for mobile indexing and fast loading

Accelerated Mobile pages eliminate the need for third-party scripts like JavaScript that takes more time to load and Google recently announced the rollout of AMP

Mobile-friendly, Organic and Voice Searches 

Voice involves mostly complete questions that can be asked by the visitors in any language and this helps the website to target local

The role of AI for success in SEO

AI is now more recognizable as an idea, where one can check the grocery store depending on the recommendations from other eCommerce websites like Amazon.

New marketing strategies for competitive online retailers

Buyers’ mindset is changing with evolving internet.

The role of content, snippets, site speed and link profile in SEO

Google, recently, announced about the update in the algorithm where it explained about the need for fresh content on the pages as per the latest modifications in trends.

Why I need a website in PHP?

PHP is the most popular language widely used for website design and development.

Mont Digital – Search Engine Optimization 

One of the leading priorities of online marketing is to get a higher organic presence in searches and SEO provides an opportunity to deliver valuable content to the users.

Mont Digital: Social Media Marketing  

Social media marketing (SMM) provides a valuable tool to small business owners which are highly customizable and traceable for small organisations,

Mont digital expertise in creating responsive websites 

There are many reasons for the decline in traffic to your website as the buyer’s habits are changing and they are buying products on a smartphone,

Mont Digital: Website development in PHP

PHP is mostly used with a front-end static code, where it supports the backend/database connectivity and transactions in Oracle, MySQL, and MariaDB.

AMP to get mobile first indexing on Google

Progressive web apps (PWA) is the term used for web experiences, that can compete with a number of applications.

AMP loads 2 times faster through Google cache

AMP pages are loaded using Google cache and are served as a different version of the same document,

Why it is necessary to have an AMP version of the website?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) promotes the return of users through mobile searches.

The era of Industrial Automation

Industrial automation seems unusual but new growth in the projects in the area of artificial intelligence,

Role of 5G in transportation and healthcare 

Such technology provides a platform for the app makers to deliver better videos with 5G enabled speeds, which can be integrated into smart cars, devices.

The growing role of artificial intelligence in healthcare and banking sector 

Are you know artificial intelligence works in the healthcare and banking sector? A machine can learn through patterns, data, models, vectors support, decision trees and many other ways.

Live Video Streaming based Marketing Strategy 

Online marketing has been affected by the change in the way people see social media marketing sites like Facebook and email marketing strategies.

Mobile-SEO: Ways to increase online traffic in Service Sector

Mobile -SEO has become an essential element in the digital marketing sector as most restaurant websites have online booking options regardless of their location

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