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Lead Generation


Lead Generation

Many sales executives talk of budget, needed timeframe and authority (i.e. BANT) to get leads. Some claim they need appointment with the right person and some businesses are using webinars, blog subscriptions, sign ups, emails etc. to reach buyers. The B2B sector is growing online where the information online about products and services are easy to access. New strategies, new restrictions such as compliance issues, misuse of data and challenges make it complicated to get new buyers.

The marketing teams are using new techniques where they are able to identify the prospective buyers and hit at the right time with the right message.  Marketers are using different methods to target new buyers where they are getting even more personalised information, which can help them to deliver ready-to-buy service instantly.

Understanding the context

In lead generation, it is significant to understand the context which helps in picking up the accurate behaviour signals and separating the warm leads from cold. It is important to understand the significance of the right time, which helps to tailor the services. It is critical to send the right content to the right client.

There are various techniques used by marketers -behaviour based, intent based and implementation predictive behaviour, which can yield greater values for the marketing teams.  The marketers may use a range of information, understand the prospective audience and track behaviour to target the right time and message to get high quality leads.

Getting rid of misleading data

A report by Integrate found the top funnel leads were duplicates, and contained invalid data which are unmarketable and many are not compiled as per local regulations. Such leads automate invaluable data wasting resources and time, on incorrect data.  The funnels should be regularly cleaned or an investigation tool can be used to clean the data.

The service industries use virtual assistants and assistant companies, which can provide individuals to handle seller and buyer calls. Some of these companies train their employees where the scripted contents help to improve services and such services can produce significant leads.

Some owners can sell leads and one can source it online or hire assistants to handle the leads. Some websites sell lists that can be used and reused. Such lists can help to drop emails, stamp, and prints and to create new leads.  

Social media

A number of social media websites Facebook or LinkedIn offers valuable opportunities to generate leads where one can select a bid strategy and set up a campaign within desired budget. Such leads can establish cost threshold or one can create forms to get leads. Content marketing and website optimization techniques can be used to promote products on social media.

Artificial intelligent and tools

Tools can be used where the response is generated with a zero budget. This is possible through artificial intelligence tools that connect to businesses, start-ups, and executives to get their feedback, data and much more information. Such tools can spread word about the services or products and once the basic marketing is completed, one can get lead through various other sources such as referrals.


Such platforms offer better conversion as the person interested will himself initiate to sign the forms, and there is more chances of the buyers identifying the offer straightforwardly. It provides a method to create a brand and provide free knowledge about the product.

Seminars and networking events

Some networking events or meetings offer ways to get membership logo, directory listing, and access to research data and new resources.

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